Who we are?

MIJ FOODS AND GOODS CORPORATION is a family business established in 2019 based in Greensboro, North Carolina, the United States. The co-founders have over ten years of food business management domestically and internationally.

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Jonagold apples are juicy and crisp with a creamy yellow flesh. These apples are honey sweet with just a hint of tartness. Excellent for eating fresh, in salads and for baking or cooking. Season Begins: Mid- to late September

One of the newest apples on the market with a crisp sweet-tart flavor. This is a very attractive medium sized apple with a pink blush over yellow undertone. Season Begins: Early November

The world’s most widely planted apple. It has a thin bright red skin with a mildly flavored fine-grained white flesh. Excellent for eating fresh as a snack or in salads. Season Begins: Early to Mid-September